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Kenya Vs Somalia may lead to war

Kenya has little to no oil the offshore oil. The oil they're claiming is literally their only valuable resource. If Somalia wins the ICJ court case Kenya vs Somalia war will happen you heard it here first My Isaaq diid folks enjoy getting over run by sangaduudis

Kkkk Kikuyus fear Al-shabaab more than they fear US army. Al-Shabaab single handedly destroyed their tourism bussiness whith cross border raids and terrorist attacks. Al-Shabaab would get huge support and everything KDF worked for in the past decade would be reduced to ashes.

Kikuyus wouldnt retaliate even if we took NFD. They are not threat to us laakiin, in case invasion happens and SL leadership sides with Kenya wee u dhamaate even hardcore Jeegaans cannot rationalise that sort of cucknimo. And what a beautifull opportunity would it be for FGS to wipe jeegaan leadership out of SL.

Battlefield is were victors are made, I say let them invade. Raxanweyn maba soo dhaafaayaan. Anyways IC would support us and our armsembargo would be lifted. If they fear Shabaab with only ak47, they would shit themselfes if they saw a geel jire with a tank.
You hate SL so much you would wish this.

Kenya is at war with FGS farmaajo & Co and will only attack where he controls so xamar only & maybe PL necessary their FGS *****

This would play in our favour as PL will be forced to send troops South while we move to secure our borders

insha'Allah we have a better leader by then
You’re delusional. Kenya doesn’t give a fuck about SL? You hear that? KENYA DOESN’T GIVE A FUCK ABOUT SL. No offence saxib but in reality, SL is nothing but a cheap *** used and abused by Somalias enemies politically and once their done they ignore SL and it’s recognition goals. Kenya looks at you the same way they look at reer konfuur. So if they invade and were able to achieve their objectives then they Will strike your region, it’s obvious. If they don’t treat their own Somalis as their brothers equally what makes you think they give a shit about SL? They don’t, they hate us all equally.
kenya aint gon do shit they can't afford a large scale invasion. might be a blessing in disguise the fallout of the war could lead to a mombasa republic.
Everyone in East Africa has had enough of Somalia and its never ending instability. Somaliland gov should invite Kenya to Open a Military Naval base in our far North eastern regions. A new opportunity for long term stability/cooperation in the HOA has presented itself.
Inshallah we will secure the border kenya will help protect our waters from terrorism Somalia is a thing of the past we are in the final chapter of this book :fittytousand:
The Kenya Bantu terrorist so called army were massacred by young Alshabab youth in Gedo.

The same youth were rounded up within few hours by Puntland forces.

If the south Somalia unite - Bantu kenyan waanu ku qadayneynaa within a day- balenteenu waa Nairobi.
The Kenya Bantu terrorist so called army were massacred by young Alshabab youth in Gedo.

The same youth were rounded up within few hours by Puntland forces.

If the south Somalia unite - Bantu kenyan waanu ku qadayneynaa within a day- balenteenu waa Nairobi.
But Kenyan army are steal in Somalia:farmajoyaab:

Samaalic Era

They think that Kenya will recognise them if they join forces against us. If that happens, we need a 2 front war.

I hope the stupid federal government sends Puntland enough weapons/vehicles/ammo/petrol to deal with the 5th column in Somalia.
If Waqooyi Galbeed does indeed backstab Somalia, then it is an obligation on all Somalia from every clan to send fighters there and quickly knock them out of the war.


Kenya can’t even logically takeover somalia same way somalia can never take over Ethiopia, we have a larger population, if Kenya and Somalia were to fuse right now Kikuyus would be a small minority lol basically their really the ones that got annexed

The Smooth-Operator

Reer awdal are pro Somali same as sool & sanaag.. What's left then of north Somalia? Bunch of khat addict khaldaans.
fuck them.. They can join the fufu side and get exterminated


So many people getting worked over by a few trolls, smh.

If this scenario ever happened. Hypothetically, Kenya won't need to invade Somalia but simply use their naval dominance to occupy the waters they claim and Somalis having no navy will only calcaal. They don't need to invade Jubbaland. It's a puppet state for Kenya.

Somaliland won't do anything but mind their own business and I'm sure it'll be the same with other federal regions in Somalia. I'm sorry but Somalia is struggling with Al-Shabaab. They don't have a proper army or navy to defend themselves. FGS has disputes with Galmudug and Puntland. Somalia have been at each other's throat when Ethiopia decided to send their army in south Somalia. What makes you think Somalis will unite over waters they control?

So many delusional people on this thread. If my honesty hurts you then so be it. Somalia is a cursed country anyway.
Clueless northerners.:draketf:

Kenya cant even control NFD...what makes you think they would be able to control southern Somalia if everyone turned against them? Kenya made deals with local clans to operate in Jubbaland in safety but this support could be witdrawn also the international community pays their soldiers because Kenya is corrupt, third world country. People here make it seem to be a superpower. Also companies doing business in Somali waters will be sued in international courts.
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