Kenya Has No Plans To Withdraw Troops From Somalia



Kenya admits they are never leaving!

Kenya’s Deputy President William Ruto has maintained that the country has no plans to withdraw Kenyan troops from Somalia amid calls from a section of leaders following the Dusit D2, Nairobi attack.

Speaking London last week , the second-in-command insisted that the presence of Kenyan troops in the neighbouring nation of Somalia has bored fruits in the fight against terror.

He said that the government is yet to think about the decision to bring back the officers amid terror threats from the Al Shabaab Militia.

“Am satisfied that as a country, we have minimized the threat of terror attacks as a country sufficiently. We will not walk away from any situation on account of difficulty or anything. Our presence in Somalia is guaranteed under AMISOM because as a country we believe that fighting terrorism in Somalia is as good as fighting terrorism in Kenya,” he said in part.

The Deputy also assured Kenyans that President Uhuru Kenyatta is committed in the fight against terror during his second and final term in government.

Amisom has set 2020 as the deadline for troop withdrawal in Somalia . but a section of local leaders have called for extension of their mandate, arguing that the Somalia National Army was not yet ready to handle the fragile security situation.


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