Karen moments

Was a horrible delivery driver. Routinely threw boxes up stairs, even on camera, and left boxes in apartment lobbies, even on camera. No shame in my game. Then comes chinese kevin. Ching chang chongs his way into pissing me off and I got into the van and ran over his lawn-grown vegetables. He calls my dispatch and I outright tell her that I don't understand a word he said. That he's insane and needs mental help.

She knows I'm lying but her job is to make sure I finish my job so she can go home. I help a coworker finish his route and I'm out of the "dog-house".

Video of how we roll. Imagine there being a bunch of vegetables near the side-walk and I accelerated over all of them. Chinaman better get himself a camera now :chrisfreshhah::chrisfreshhah::drakelaugh: