Kanye West disrespects Islam


Cadaanka iska ilaali
Kanye West came with a shoe line and named it after 2 angels in Islam. Israfil and Azreal (malik-al-mout)


Knowing his schizophrenic mind, I bet he's trying to send a message thru Islamic names and concepts. MkMind Control glitch? (or subliminal messaging from controlled opposition). Who knows, lakin this yet another indirect reminder that we're living in the end times

Get your affairs in order men


Like Donald Trump, I like to be Spanked.
Let Them Eat Cake
Kanye Kanya Kanye......poor thing...i just look at him and continue eating my food


Cadaanka iska ilaali
Covid-19 is making everyone to find small things for clouts. Israfil and Azreal are not Islamic names and angels don't belong to no one. :mad:
personally, i find it disgusting that our high respected angels in islam are being used to name shoes that you put on your FEET. but to each their own