Kan horta ma Somali baa mise Afar?

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I've noticed two types of ex Muslims..

1. People like me who thinks religion is BS and God is made up but still loves and defends his people and culture.

2. People like this lesbian chick and Ayaan who thinks our culture and people are barbaric and we ought to be more like cadaans. They grew up in a strict salafi household and had religion beaten into them. Whereas I was free and had a great childhood so my view on Muslims in general is not like theirs.

That is what I was talking about! They leave Islam out of spite and spite particularly for their upbringing or family treatment.

They want to project at the somali community.

That's the commonality they all came from extreme radical parents.

It's the same thing for the twitter SJWs! They all have ultra Salafi parents!

Ironically I come from a family of faith. My dad and mom are very religious. So religious I had to watch tame TV shows like The Simpsons in secret when they werent around. So religious they wake me up for Fajr prayer to this day. So religious that the sound of any music, even in commercials, makes them very angry and demand it be turned off.
I know the girl is an Atheist lesbian.

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