JUST IN: If u wear a hijab don’t go to France! Two HIJABI females stabbed at the Eiffel Tower, Paris


idiocy gives me energy
Ya Allah, six times?? I was planning to go next year. Now I see why my cousins went without their hijabs😠
I’m really concerned that it’s gonna spread to other countries when the right wing nutjobs will learn from the French.

Grigori Rasputin

“No more your dad” “your mom loofs me”
Wariyaha SomaliSpot
The French speaking colonialist (France and Belgium) were the most brutal gaajo bastards of all the colonizers of the 3rd world.

till this day they both pull the strings of their former colonies from Djibouti to Senegal. Only Vietnam has totally broken the chains. The Africans are as always a neef daaqaya whereby they change government to suit their French interests.

look at Djibouti, it is run by a family since independence. On top of that the population has been wickedly corrupted whereby a chick would have sex in her family’s home. They literally are so liberal it’s unbelievable. Woman are naked in Djibouti. Djiboutian women have kids with foreigners like a Thai