Just a random thought, LEMME KNOW WHAT Y'ALL THINK

I wish we could've placed all these Somali gangbangers in a country only with them and the mooryans from Somalia and have these little western yutes humble themselves, raag qooraweeyn waaye kuwaas (mooryan). Ohh and don't worry we won't forget to include the dhoocil halimo s too who need dhaqan celis they will be ducking bullets in mid war LMAOO. This will show these children the reality of "smoke".

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So you suggest this idea ,to repatriate these uneducated , least excelled and at the bottom of the barrel Somalis failed in their host countries and will bring no contributions whatsoever to Somalia a country that is barely recovering from decades of civil war and misfortunes , no thank you , we strongly decline your offer , we don't need more trouble makers , that is enough.

If these Somalis are of concern to you , then why not be a middle men and resolve this issue collaborate with your local law enforcement or social services , fix your damn community , instead of discarding degenerates , that is not going to work my friend.

We only accept graduates , entrepreneurs and expats not lowlives who will import their western street trash to the locals.

The people are living in hell and your idea is to bring in more misery and more burden.

This is why I endorse these considerations to take place a motion to legislate the many least contributing Diasporans as foreigners and not treated like royals.
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I love how this reminds me of the George Carlin bit where he suggested to put all the criminals in one rectangle state like Colorado and have it filmed and watch them kill each other. He frames it way funnier but I get you mean @Larryt.dot :mjlaugh: