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This guy strikes me as incredibly immature and a stain on the image of conservative Somali guys. Marrying any amount of women is nothing to brag about if they're low quality women AND you failed to make it work. Why is he so eager to misguide his fellow Somalis?

I did get a good chuckle out of that screen cap LMAO.


Once again, a 50+ year old Muslim Man who is dignified, well respected and high value would not be moving like this.

I don't know what's in this guys heart lakin he's doing Muslims and Somalis a huge disservice. The lack of respect is appalling.

Now imagine would the Sahaba and the Prophet (pbuh) behave like this? Would their entire goal in life be chasing women? Do real men act in this way?

The clear answer is: NO
The fact that the few Muslim guys giving Abu American their time happens to be Somalis is a big testimony to the Absent Abo issue with have.

I can bet there are no Arab/Asian men buying his course.
Abu American, if youre reading this (which I bet you are) sell your shitty courses but keep Islam and Somalis out of your mouth.

Youre role models and the kuffar men of the ‘red pill sphere’ you try to emulate are 1) kuffar 2) made their fortune from pimping their women out on webcams.

Learn your deen, read the Seerah and know that in Islam a man is not valued by how many women he can have.

PS: Pls grandad stop calling out kids on twitter to fight you in the streets.


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