"Joe Biden Owes It All to African-American Voters"

Omar del Sur

believer in win-win cooperation
Joe Biden Owes It All to African-American Voters

Don't get me wrong- I don't blame every individual member of a community for something the community as a whole does wrong.

I mean like, for example.... Muslims as a whole... things are going in a wrong direction but not all Muslims are to blame.

But as we get four more years of US becoming more overtly white supremacist and AA's and people of color in general are more discriminated against...... I do not intend to forget that AA's backing Biden over Bernie Sanders will have brought us four more years of Trump.

The fact is Bernie Sanders could have actually won.

Biden says some funny alzheimers stuff and dems are pretending he has a chance but that's not really the case.

AA's are going to be more discriminated against, society is going to be racist against them and people of color in general but

AA's supporting Biden over Bernie Sanders,
BLM and Antifa- these three factors will be responsible for putting Trump in office for another four years.

It's not just the fault of AA's. It's also the fault of extreme left white people. But I just want to be very clear about why the US is going to go in a more racist direction and why I don't plan on being all that interested in AA's complaining about society becoming more racist against them given that they will have helped create the situation in the first place.

Biden is a joke candidate, we're getting four more years of Trump, if you have any amount of melanin you are going to be discriminated against and I just want you to not get your hopes up about Biden winning.

We could have had a Communist utopia under Comrade Sanders.

In any case, I just want you to not get your hopes up. We're not getting Biden. We're getting four more years of Trump, pretty much everyone posting here lives in the West and you are going to be discriminated against.

Obviously, random AA's are not responsible (even though AA's as a community are very much largely responsible).

But extreme leftist sjw antifa types and extreme blm people are definitely responsible. I'm not saying you should punch them. But I definitely think that you should blame them and I think over the next four years that you should definitely give them stern looks of disapproval and shake your head at them in a disparaging way. I am sorry that my title does not include white antifa lunatics and brown people who think exactly like white antifa. I encourage you to contemplate their role in the progressive decline of humanity.

Thank you for reading.