JigJiga University


I'll be a lecturer at JigJiga university for a few months, anybody ever been here?
I been there last year visiting my grandma, my first time in Ethiopia , I flew from Johannesburg transit in Addis and straight to Garaad Wiil Waal Airport , I wasn't expecting this , always thought Somali Galbeed was another impoverished shitehole worse than Somalia, the airport is modern and looks neat ,the staff were civilised and polite, but it needs a little improvement , I admire their necessary security , but overall it's light years ahead and way more advanced than that qashin
Adan Abdulle lol,

Jigjiga is very peaceful , situated between mountains , the weather can be cooler , i never knew I had to wear a coat , many rainfalls , this land is good for agriculture ,
infrastructure may not be up to date but there are more built up area than the entire Somalia lol
Their suuq is very vibrant , lively and you wander anytime without anyone hassling you.
I have fond memories
I'm planning to go next year