I've realized something about SSpot.

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I won't rest until I see one of my adeers rule Somalia with an iron fist. :damn:
With all due disrespect ayeeyo, Illahi guul kuma siiyo :susp:

We need fresh blood and diversity in the government! A minority president shall be next insha Allah :fittytousand:


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man i can't imagine being associated with the little *****es you call darood men
heres your mj brother

:susp: so sorry sis
youll never find such disgrace with hawiye men:salute:
Since when did rahanweyn become Darood?

Did a Darood man reject you or mistook you as the maid? Why are you mad?
He's rahanweyn.

Did MJ guy reject you sis?
Stop running from this L nayaa and take it like a champ

he said he was mj on twitter awhile back, don't feel like digging through his tweets. sometime in late 2016

im sure youre used to collecting Ls for those darood ******s you call " men" by now:friendhug:
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