ITS OFFICIAL’ Prominent doctors officially declared Geeljires 2 be the epicenter of Autism and ask

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Grigori Rasputin

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a closer study

Doctors in Europe from the UK, Holland, Denmark and Norway have jointly declared the Somali community a special case for autism more than any other race.

They are so puzzled by it. 80% of children affected with autism are Somalis
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Grigori Rasputin

Former Somali Minister of Mismanagement & Misinfo.
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Wariyaha SomaliSpot
This was a difficult watch:mjcry:

The hoyos make a good point though, is this a Western disease, they do not remember it occurring back home

We don’t even have a Somali name for it.

It is a disease that appeared ever since we’ve came here.

Secondly, this disease become prevalent since 2000.

I have been brainstorming to narrow down the culprit.

I once blamed the ceydh lies and deception (curse)

I then blamed Somali female diet (high carbohydrates but less activity...lack of walking like back home ...our genetic makeup has evolved over the centuries where we are structured to be nomads but because we came to a Western countries our genetic makeup is rebelling)

Has any of you noticed that the mothers are over 30?


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Somali genetics are bad. It seems like we are too inbred. I will marry a non Somali to diversify our gene pool.
Our genes are fine. It's something in the environment that is causing it.
While some children back home had the same problems children everywhere do, parents said, autism was so unfamiliar that there was no Somali word for it until “otismo” was coined in Minnesota.
I suppose are genes did not evolve to prepare us for this foreign air, food, and water that we are consuming now.

The solution is to raise your children back home for their first few years.


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It’s the fake hilib ari that has been in freezers for 2 years that they keep eating. Stop eating frozen rotten meat from the halal markets owned by Somalis. Wallahi they all sell expired goods.
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