It's look like he speak af maay maay as well.


Forza Somalia!
The Ghanian-Canadian guy who was famous for learning Somali language in very short time, understand af maay maay as well.

Somalis as usual are embarrassment in the comment section


Midnimadeenu Waa Guusha Qaraanka
made my night, I love when people learn different languages and dialects. It makes us closer to one another and appreciate our differences ever more :)
thats actually the original dialect of somalia i didnt know before but found out recently
It is not. It is just a close relative of Af-Maxaa which comprises all the dialects spoken by the 4 main clans of Dir, Isaaq, Darood and Hawiye. Af-Maxaa itself is sometimes classified by linguists as "North-Coastal" with the dialects of the Hawiye being the "Coastal/Benadiri" group and dialects of the other three clans being the "North" group, though the Darood northern dialects tend to be closer to each other whereas what is spoken by the Dir and Isaaq tend to be closer to each other in turn. Af-Maxaa is a legit language that is easily mutually intelligible and is "Somali" proper.

Af-Maay is a little different. It used to be considered a divergent dialect but nowadays linguists prefer to just classify it as a separate language altogether, just the closest language on the tree to Somali proper, one that is easy enough to understand for speakers of Somali dialects with enough exposure to it which is what you get nowadays. It and Somali proper diverged from a single language around 1,500-2,000 years ago from what I recall.

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