It's Just Gone Half 3.......Can't Sleep.....And Have Work In 5 Hours

King Khufu

Dignified Gentlemen
Since a nigga phone been cut off I've been on Wi-Fi mode.
If I can't read words texted from real black hands written down than I avoid the social media apps til this can be returned.
Unless I can video chats that way I know I'm talking to with others who are exactly like me. Snakes know the blood you feel me?
((But either way it goes, can't still stick around on any internet app for too long cos we all should've been more productive in our network time so make mine worth it too nigga.))

I was on a YouTube marathon having a play list bump for the trap running a marathon on my battery going on all night. Really it's just an distraction to keep me from simping because that ain't my style I ain't on that though but it still creepily lingers onto me. Really though, there's these couple chicks I missed. It's weighing on a nigga mind so heavy. I don't want to waste nobody attention now.
One was my Ethiopian friend who says she loves me (even tho she mad at me alot at random but I still love her weirdo self) and this other girl whose a good girl who all for me but I always try to give her her space but it doesn't work too well cos she still sticks to my mind daily for no reason.
Still don't know if they really love a nigga but no doubt I take all the love I can get and run with it.

I'm just posting my thoughts blogging to clear out headspace for breathing room.

Whole lot of time on my hands so limited, while I get my head together, I'm just trying to get money and stay educated on while balling out my Rich The Kid shit.
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Finally ended up sleeping.....only for an hour though....I was honestly falling asleep on my bike on my commute to work.....then, I parked the bike somewhere in Central London, and got an uber to work.

Fucksakes, the way UK homes are built.......keeping all that heat inside.


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