It’s like every other weekend there’s a new Somali rapper


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that's good we need more rappers so one can finally make it mainstream it sucks being in 2020 without even 1 mainstream Somalian rapper

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Weeknd is a different case Drake made him who he is while knaan blew up on his own
I remember Knaan-Soobax was on like a fifa tune, 2006 I believe (?) and because of 2010 World Cup bare man know him. Not just rap fans. Knaan is on it
There's definitely been an increase in UK Somali rappers in 2020. I think Alz & 38 blowing up had a part to play in that.
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K’naan can be considered as a successful rapper. However he was on a 360 deal - all his income stream goes to his record label. The guy that signed him (James diener) is filthy rich. He also signed maroon 5


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Biggest East African in hip hop right now is Adel Nur aka Future the Prince. We making moves behind the scenes:westbrookswag: