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Islam Is Perfect For Desert People

Islam is perfect for desert people, if u can convince them, that takes a-lot of wisdom. They don't buy into bullshit as quickly as most people. It's a unforgiving environment, it's not intended to raise intellectuals lol and for you to come along and convince them of an IDEA, you would've have to know their culture really well.

Other religions wouldn't have worked in such environment especially christianity-judaism and so forth as their very straight to the point and you can't gouge the wisdom but a settler maybe impressed by it as their cultured differently in their environment, what's important to them may not exactly be important to u. Doesn't mean your right or their wrong. It's all relative this stuff. Whatvever works I guess.

But this idea of bowing to a man in christianity would be unsellable, can u imagine telling somali to bow to someone that is like them in the desert? this is the people he is used to killing why would he bow to such thing he knows he can defeat? So that one god idea beyond our comprehension is workable for them. Plus judaism is more for ISRAEL then anything else in the world since god signed a deal specifically with them not anyone else. It doesn't really involve us to be even INVOLVED WITH THEM. As long as they have a law that means their still human beings not shaydhanka with no laws hence he can't be fixed niyahow, there is nothing to judge shaydhan on, he is under another law which is CHAOS. He is in a place of no laws, it's chaos, wala cays cunaya in those environment. U see even in humanity when the law breaks down, we revert to such things the devils playground.

We mix up DEMBI and a SIN with NO XEER. Lol eveyone makes dembi since we are not god but they are under a xeer so it's possibly rectifiable loooooooool, but no xeer is just a devil field that place, there is nothing to judge that ummah on
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Even Animals have laws, they don't live in chaos, they just seek their food not go around breaking everything and ramming at everything they see or sitting there genociding one type of animal. They take what they need as food source(survival) and they go back to their ways. It's still laws, maybe not in the human sense, but it's far easier living with them then some societies.

Show me an animal that sits there eating constantly? they don't once they eat u see shark swim by fishes and not disturb them looooooooool. That's a law.

Even aborigines have laws, they protect the environment, you can't even touch a tree. U can't survive without laws, it's the place of the devil, nothing can exist. QOF WALBO SHARCI KU HOOS NOOL imtixan ayuu ku jira, just because its not the same as yours, doesn't mean his is wrong. How is he alive if he had no laws? no laws is chaos no matter on earth or anywhere.

Because even if ur last man standing u will drop eventually or if u destroy ur environment u have no more food source to continue. That's all chaos can bring is the end
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Shaydhan sharci ma abuuro, hadi aad aratigd qowm weli nool, sharci bay ku hos nool yihin haka timado meel kasto ama waxay doonto ha sheegtan sida atheism, bible, aborigine, yaa maskaxdasi siiyay inay wax abuurtan? shaydhan ma siin kare, shaydhan xeer maba yeelayo wuxu raba inaad dhimato. I guess in some areas like desert societies where every man is king and his ruler, god had to intervene to bring some commonality between them as they wouldnt listen to each other, they think their better then one another. Where-as societies different to us maybe were easier to manage and farmers or aborigines.

Look at us now as settlers in the west, we just listen to one guy who says he is this and that and even if we dont understand a word he says, OH HIS A DOCTOR, OH HE IS SCIENTIST, OH HE IS THIS. Iyagu nidaam bay lee yihin ay isku gumaystan. U wont win this in desert society, MAKE SENSE in their lanaguage or mindset or your TALKING SHIT.

I cant expect them to do something I even find difficult, just surrendering to thought or idea without making sense, that's a hypocrit at best and mind fucked at worst by his own peer. I am no fan of doctors myself or that nonsense scientific shit in the west. It barely make sense and is all convuluted and crap. They cant explain it simply why? their memorizing lol by their human master.
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That's why I fear western knowledge won't work in Somalia. We need to translate it and demonstrate it in a language they understand and themes they know, they won't buy into maskax gumaysi and just do as I say. For god sakes even god had to interfene with all those desert nomads, u think they will listen to some numbnut with a suit and glasses?

We need to translate those knowledges in our language and then demonstrate it not just words noone knows what it means but in visual way and relate it back to their desert roots loooooool. They need an education model that focuses on deep understanding not memorising or u will lose them since they don't really understand in order to invest time n effort into something their not even getting.

I am settled in a city and im still finding hard to adapt to their mindset of repeating and memorizing and just throwing around words nobody even fathoms. What u think someone who lives rurally is going to think? I havent even seen miyiga and that thought process is still embedded in me.
My dad is religious now he isn't siyasi, he has his tusbax but he said shaydhanka he convinces u to take light dembi serious like no hijab, alcohol, iyo waxasi and to ignore big DEMBI sida 'dilka' MASKIN LA DHACAYO LACAGTOODA WHICH IS SO SERIOUS MEEL LOOGAMA HARO KUWASI LOOK AT FAROLE WIFE NOW. U will always find they die in mysterious circumstances kuwa umada waxooda dhaco, illahi ba uu tashday.

Marka waxba ma tarayso buu yiri hijab, no alcohol, iyo waxasi oo dambiyo yar yar ah marki loo barbar dhigo meel aan XEER OOLIN waba ehlu naar gebigooda, saladooda waxba ma tarayso illa ay tagan meel XEER TAALO meeshay doonto ha ahaate ileen xitaa ethiopia bay aadeen islamki hore. Waa inu xeer taala meesha ama saladina waa mid shaydhan loo tukanayo oo khasaaro ah. Waana sababta ay somalidu uu qaxday galbeed meel kasto xeer taal ba dhaamo meel aan xeer oolin. Xeer la'an waaba cadaabe, it's destruction, nothing can exist, it's a place of END waa shaydhanka hoygisa iyo intu soo jiidan karo ayaa imtixanku yahay. That's according to how he learn islam in miyiga at nugaal in the 50s which was different to modern islam in the u see today. VASTLY DIFFERENT, THIS LOOKS LIKE SAUDI CULTURE NOT ISLAM HE SAID

Miyiga ma taalo been been according to him, cause they don't listen to u if you don't have wisdom.
He said they liked the old islam because it would speak to them about their environment, they could relate easily, ileen meeshu waa desert iyo geel iyo sugaan. Lakin ma jirin waxani sadaqo laandheer iyo laangaab ba jiray dhinaca bahda inside osman mahmoud. He still remembers that, he said everyone was satisfied. He said if u lose your xoolo, if u r popular there u will be helped, if u r not, hana dhaafo ayaa la oran jiray waxba nooma soo kordhinayo hence they become refugees inside the early cities of somalia. He said he never used to help those people ileen dadkooda iska soo buriyeen oo hikmad gaar ah leh in mogadishu which means WA NAABNAAB but when u in the town of hamar u just focused on building ur contacts and friendship not teach them your culture of miyiga. Wa somali haloo gurmado bay oran jireen, he never went near those types he knows what they were in miyiga.
Islam is for every races, lol. Islam have been there from the beginning, always. You can bet that Muslims would try to convert people who live in cold weathers. Its only matter of time before people see it as the truth. Don't compare humans to animals whose intelligence and capabilites are limited. Unlike Animals, humans have free will to submit to God's will or not and that's purpose of Islam.


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