is this your goat?? lakers missing the playoffs


Jordan is far superior offense wise. Jordan has averaged over 40 points per game in an NBA record of 5 playoff series. LeBron has 0. In fact, LeBron has four playoff series where he shot less than 40%, (Jordan has 1) Jordan 10x Scoring title LeBron 1x Scoring title

Playoff game-winners/tie-ers with 24 seconds or less – Jordan 9/18 (50%) – LeBron 8/23 (35%) Playoff game-winners/tie-ers with 25 seconds or less – Jordan 10/19 (53%) – LeBron 8/23 (35%) Finals game-winners/tie-ers with 25 seconds or less – Jordan 4/8 (50%) – LeBron 0/6 (0%)

Jordan shot over 50% in three NBA Finals (1991,1992,1993) while LeBron did it twice (2014 and 2017). How about shooting under 40%? Jordan never shot below 40% while LeBron did it twice (2007 and 2015).

Jordan was the better defender. All defensive 1st team MJ 9x > LBJ 5x
All defensive teams (total selections) MJ 9x > LBJ 6x
Defensive player of the year award MJ 1x > LBJ 0x
Steals Leader MJ 3x > LBJ 0x

Michael Jordan never had a teammate average over 22 points in the #NBAFinals Kyrie Irving averaged 28 and Dwyane Wade averaged 26 for LeBron. Michael Jordan beat 20 50+ win teams in his playoff run to those 6 championships, LeBron has only beaten 13 in his whole career.

jordan is the greatest scorer and arguably the greatest defender of all time while being the clutchest and the best leader