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Is this not a more perfect representation of us


Logic over everything
Wow when i saw that .
We're doomed from the being . So these hungry kids come up to these gaals thinking they got food. the soldiers only have probably flyers letting them know what they're doing or whatever. And look who runs up was nothing in t head ,by the way. slaps these kids senseless, talking about "abbihina Wass ". All hungry kids/teens looking for a meal not know how to respond. they all fall back and waiver at this depraved man. The little boy witnessing this sees the power and feel he is just too, and join in on the party. This couldn't have a better representation of us an our history. We fight our fathers father battle in the 21s century.

And that old clans probably the ones that been stealing the aid anyway. Now is made because he is loosing customer selling aid.
Oh the depravity that has befallen us
Oh Lord pray for us.have Mercy dear lord ,wilt thou be angry with us forever.wilt thou not rejoice in thee. :damn::damn: