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Is there a lack of ambition in the somali community?

Does the Somali community lack ambition?

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Yes, it is has been engrained in the Somali psyche to isolate and make themselves hated. This is why people here are advocating for balkanization of an ethnically homogenous country, they cannot see past their shantytowns and dusty villages. This is why they divide themselves based on mythical tribal lineage and celebrate attacks that kill other Somali's, yet will claim to be Muslim.

Somalia is a primitive society with 21st century technology.


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its because of what I said in my thread, other people wont let them. As you can see theres a thread about a grown woman encouraging teenagers to do stupid things for laughs


Life's too short to not be ambitious and follow your dreams. But for me to be a winner, philosophically speaking, these unambitious losers have to exist as well to set a balance.