Is the "NaagNool/iskufilaan" harmful?

I am all for Somali women getting that degree, money, and levelling up; but I don't like how this saying is being encouraged among Somali women. This has already harmed the Black American community where we see high levels of single motherhood, unmarried women/men, and lots of other fitnah. Why are we bringing this to our community? Having a spouse that can provide for you does not take away from you being that great woman. We have it all twisted out here. I hate seeing somali women being breadwinners for their families or raising children alone. What are your thoughts?


F*ck Your Feelings
Urm being naag nool does not mean taking care of a man and being the breadwinner. You can be accomplished and still have your husband take care of you. Idk any somali woman who believes or encourages other Somali girls to be breadwinners and calls then naag nools.


Beati Pacifici.
A lot of you in here are just tapped walahi. Asking the same questions again and again. Do you think a sane woman wouldn’t want her man to provide for her? Do you know any woman who take the pleasure of paying for rent, bills, private school etc. All women like a man who can provide but you men cannot do it 100% on your own because of the high living costs somehow the wives must chip in unless you want her to lie and take benefits which is very common in our community and it has its own consequences. I have Muslim friends from many ethnic backgrounds they all chip in somehow especially for the mortgage because it’s too damn expensive to live on one income in the Western countries. How about you observe people and see why this is happening instead asking the same questions all the time.
The traditional provider and home-maker dynamic isn't feasible in the West due to the stagnant dogshit wages and fucked up housing market. Both people have to work or risk falling into the "working poor" category. So it'd be retarded to take issue with women getting into higher education and working for a living.

The only concern I have is women prioritizing their career and being a good little worker bee over family/motherhood. We're not atomized gaals though, most Somalis can have the best of both worlds tbh. Our parents would be more than happy to step in and help with child care. It's not all doom and gloom, it just requires a little bit more effort :manny:
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