Is Somalia ever gonna get better

Do you see your self living in Canaan's country or going back to motherland?

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  • Somalia

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waryaa what happened to you?:Sutehja:
The least you could've done is not lose hope:snoop:
First put Somalia aside and build a ceel or something for your gobol ( as mudane @LarryThePuntite would say:salute:)
Wallahi, I've been in your position where I hated Somalia so much and called it shithole but actually, I've seen the light:ivers: I saw a video in 2014 of Muqdisho where it looked so different than the muqdisho I knew, I couldn't believe it was Somalia at all. and a year later I joined politics and then started learning qabils:snoop: If you get into Somalia's politics, I guarantee you, you would learn qabyaalad in no time.
Just leave her alone.

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Cultural revolution
It's called risk and reward.

So let's say we get rid of your little terrorist boogie man. What's next when they are all gone?

There's another boogie man called the "Mah Qabil".

Every other day there's some snot nosed Gaal on here praying for destruction of every Gobol. So will you still invest?

If Qabil, terror and every little risk is removed from your investment do you actually think it will make it more rewarding for you?
Yes it will be perfect. When people talk about risk they mean your own business failing from within due to stupid decisions and losses or your business failing from outside forces like market collapse and technological replacement. Those risks I can handle and tolerate because they are the risks most people are ready for.

With shitholes there is the added risk of losing everything in seconds PLUS the risk of walking in the street and getting your brains blown out for muh qabil reasons. f*ck that shit. I'd risk anything but my life

With Somalia you don't just risk your money. You risk your life and the lives of your family. All that for what? For money? For patriotism?

I'd rather the few thousand dollars I save be invested in stocks or cryptocurrency. Or even invest in my own little business. Best of all absolutely no risk of dying randomly for no reason.

Risk is good to take when you're guaranteed safety of your money. It's not good to take risks in unstable impoverished countries that have no valuable customers or even a stable currency.

Basically my main point is that risk is simply stupid when it involves your life or health


Sug dee ninyahow
Madafakkar u know iam right

If u want to live in that shithole
Go ahead man

U must be imbecile to go there while Somalis back home try to escape the shithole
Even djibouti somalis try to escape their hellhole

Western society is more advanced, stable. Thats why all africans wants to come here. Even asians from poor countries.
You know ur a lost neef when you speak like a opportunitist get a grip


Somalia WILL one day be a peaceful, stable, prosperous and great country, In Sha Allah Tacala. It's upto us Somalis, and us Somalis alone, to fix our country. Amisom cant do it, Arabs cant do it, China and Russia cant do it and the West cant do it, ONLY we can do it.

In Sha Allah, I plan to permanently move back home in the next 10-15 years. Both my parents moved back home, late last year to Kismayo, and I plan on joining them In Sha Allah.

Me and the wife have a sound plan, to set up a business, the kind my family are invested in, and to settle and raise our little girl and if Allah blessed us, our other children, over there. It won't be easy, achieving this goal, but In Sha Allah, with hard work, dedication and a strong will, it will be possible, Insha'Allah.


Why go back, when all the action is in the west?:gucciwhat:

> We got cave women here:ahh:
> Ceyr, if you are broke
> Education
> Housing
>Top notch entertainment from White nationalists and lefties

Somali has

> Famine
> Discrimination
> Weak institutions
> Religious buffoonery and tomfoolery
> Weekly terrorist attacks

I'm good:hillarybiz:


Cost of living in Somalia is very low. If you get an NGO job in the 2K per month range you can have a lifestyle like someone on 8K in the West.
Yeah true, but you can't feel good about it... knowing that there are many there who barely get by. Plus it's not like you can just go the dealership, and buy a nice German whip.
Civil wars can take
What's the point of investing when the chance of a skinny terrorist shithead blowing all your investment up is greater than 100%? Business comes with Security which intern comes from competent Politics. The root needs to be fixed first. As long as shit flinging politics exists then most of us are happy where we are.

Our parents put in a lot of money and effort to get us here. What a waste it would be to throw all that sacrifice and suffering away by returning to an unstable shithole and not taking advantage of the opportunities here
LOL it is so bad even the government might steal from you. :mjkkk:


salah la'aanta waye
Its a shit country.
U must be out of ur mind to return to shithole Somalia. Even if there is real peace there we will just be another Djibouti.

Insha Allah i stay in the west for the rest of my life.

We cant even get peace, the most simple thing in the world. How u expect Somalia to become developed.

I just hope the Somalis in the far future will have it better than us. Our hope in that country is gone.

Ofcourse no problem with visiting Somalia once . But living there? Nah f*ck that.

For now my plan is visit Somalia just one time then iam done with it. The world is bigger, better places to spend holidays.

As Somalis says: Dalkaas iyo siyaasada Soomaalida waan ka farashay lol
you must be from the south
I want to sucker punch any neef that says "I will only go back when things get better".

It's literally equivalent to saying "I will only pick up my cheque when someone else does the work for me".

If you haven't invested in back home yet ie, bought a house, invested in a business or even bought goats and camels for that uncle who is down on his luck than you haven't returned to Somalia.

You don't have to be physically in Somalia in order to return to Somalia. You need invest in somali and get returns from Somalia.

:dabcasar:Neefs will always want to graze your grass.
You bought property in the pirate capital of the world :camby:


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Yeah true, but you can't feel good about it... knowing that there are many there who barely get by. Plus it's not like you can just go the dealership, and buy a nice German whip.
If you got a Western degree you will always get the best NGO jobs there, especially if your Somali is good. Those organizations are there to fill the gap in providing welfare, so you'll still be a net positive.

Under those circumstances I might stay temporarily in Somalia.
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yasmin lan

Satans step daughter
:hillarybiz: Lets be honest somalia isn’t going to get better anytime soon so I urge you all not to invest in all your savings into a 3rd world country. Be smart and invest in properties and brands ectr not into some villa in Mogadishu which will probably not be there when you visit
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