Is Pamela Anderson the prettiest celebrity white American female ever to exist?

White girls are plain and overrated. I think they're beautiful but they're just too generic and not exotic. When I think of white girls it's always shampoo advertisement and news presenter.
Whatever you say, Marx. Spoken like a true cuck. This is why I stopped being a communist. Because Red chicks were hella ugly.
No, lively blake is hottest, most beautiful and sexy.

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Weird. Your taste in women is not anywhere as refined as your prose style. This is what happens when a Somaliette goes undicked for too long. They lose all perspective. Inbox me one of these days sugarface and I will show you what a real submarine looks like when I plunge so deep into your waters.
You are blind

How is she not more beautiful?
There's pretty, there's cute, and there's DANG! Your homegirl has no exclamation mark on her. You're probably more fly than her. DM your pic to me and we'll see if you match up. You might even get a modelling career out of it. I'm tight with lots of homo fashionistas.


LOVE is none smelly Dhuuso.
Let Them Eat Cake
She is old now and botox ruined her but when she was younger hot damn. It is either Pamela or Marilyn Monroe for the no.1 spot.

She also has herpes according to google. (aint she old?)