Is "No Blacks/Asians" a preference for some in the dating world or is it racism?

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Is it racist to not feel attraction to Blacks or Asians?

Lets be honest: no Asian or Black will say personally no to a white or Latino. Its only certain circumstances that probably won't allow them to date them. Maybe just have sex.


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No it's not. I'm not attracted to cadaans or madows.

Abdi is this a gay problem? I've heard there's a lot of racism in the gay community.
Asians are only desirable for tops. Versatile and bottoms don't want Asians; these two groups are the "No Asian" crew.


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Hasn't that already happening? Apparently it's transphobic for lesbians to reject male genitalia. I swear this is rape culture.
You can't have preferences because it means you're discriminating against or excluding a certain group of people. What a time to be alive. :rolleyes:
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