Is Makeup the greatest swindle in history?

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Taking advantage of mens visual nature, I think it is, Think about it ive seen women who look aboslutley
vomit inducing without it turn in to dimes litreally




@Duchess I don't really nothing about waives or heavy make up but the girls I know are natural and apply little to make up.

If a man gets fooled by make up then he really needs to step up his game.
Hijab? I'd say it's pretty even. But I can tell you from personal experience that make up isn't the only thing you should be worrying about. Many of them wear fake hair. :kobeok:


they on that brazilian weave tip aswell

they should be exporting there hair to all the underprivilged Afams and Madows
who need it more.

Are you crazy? Most somali women have negro hair..

This is why marriage is becoming a dilemma, niccas wanna see how soft her hair is but cant:kobeok:

Some get lucky.. most don't

man i dont know what ur talking about, my sisters all have curly soft hair. id expect the majority of somalis to have it 2
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