Is Living in Chaos Your Weakness?

In all honesty if the state today disappeared I can picture the streets all going 'ape' as there is no law or police or army. I looked at my 'brain thinking' and it needs to 'taught' 'structure' but by 'nature' it 'chaotic' so my actions in the streets will be the same as the 'apes' because I didn't 'inherit' structured thinking, my mind is 'chaos' with thoughts all over the place, this will lead to 'physical' actions that are 'chaotic' also. Add that to the state is gone in Australia.

Wallahi I know myself 'deep' down and if put in such 'environment' of no 'order' and how my 'mind' works which is no different to anyone else because we are all 'taught structured thinking' like at school, work, everywhere we go, we know there is a 'structure or order' and we follow the 'rules'. But deep down in that 'chaos' or 'vacuum'. I would 'flee' personally, I wouldn't risk my life. I would try to probably get something or whatever I can and run for it, I would'nt stick around and join the hordes as they fight for the loot in the nation and then obviously they will fight themselves.

I pray to god this doesn't happen, my chances of survival are very 'minimal' as I am not built to tolerate such environment due to being in Australia structure for so long. I can picture myself hiding out anywhere and everywhere I could untill I figure out a plan.

I would most likely seek 'religious' people shelters no matter who they are cause they r the only ones left you can trust in chaos. Fighting will be the 'last' option for me I know how I think, I would avoid at all cost a fight with anyone and everything I do would be to 'avoid' that outcome but only when it comes to no choice then yes and all my options are exhausted. I wud still try to 'negiotate' obviously based on who the character is cause I know the 'character' types of people when they talk and think what that sort of character 'respects' and 'adapt'
There are many settlements in Somalia which function without state administration.

A good example is Buuhoodle. Every dispute and conflict go through elders and religious leader who resolve it using somali xeer and sharica.
There are many settlements in Somalia which function without state administration.

A good example is Buuhoodle. Every dispute and conflict go through elders and religious leader who resolve it using somali xeer and sharica.
That's a village of families it's not the same to say people who are unrelated to each other in an urban setting or even share no cultural similarities like Australia is buhoodle. Somalis can function without a govt as long as they remain in their tribal zone, so can south sudan and any african tribe even aborigines can like WOW. It's not really a feat at all, but try sharing a nation as tribes and u simply get a fkn yemen. Thats why aborigines couldnt form a state, due to that low culture and your very similar and could end up like him is what I am saying, displaced, land taken, and your people eventually minority due to so much diseases, wars, and no growth. I can't imagine anyone staying for long and the great migration begins

It turns into a tribal race not cooperation plus their low cultures doesn't help create a state of excellence either, these ppl are taught very vile morality and they enter institutions that are already weak and not structured with those moralities. It's like ghetto niggas in America no matter where they control as mayors, they bring their ghetto mindset too it. Look at baltimore and detroit. Sxb you have inferior culture and I am not saying that to abuse u but to help u
@Lukaku come to thing of it, families like can live together and even clans as long as their is no system in between them and everyone is free to do what they want, that's not a feat, that's how dark age european lived especially the 'barbarians' ones, they had no system at all except traditions and family linkages and living in huts. But some europeans were advanced and had kingdoms and mamul but it was still 'dark ages' but it 'scales' too like how Somalia scales. U can't compare Majerten to GM, even if we are in dark ages, I am nowhere near that guy.

Buhodle can't even create a local council and nidaam. Garowe and every town of Majerten had this even in the civil war. Anagu nidaam la'an kuma noolan karno, yes we can live like u and just accept tribal elders and religious imams, but there is no progress sxb, their not educated those people, they are there only to manage clan matters and religious matter not progress, u will live as if time has moved on but u never did.
Then what should i do?

Sxb I am one person, one idea at best. All I can say is create brainstorming or idea generation between Somalis well the 'gifted' ones I mean and 'measure' the idea if it can work. Test the idea in 'concept' first and then pilot project it to 'small village' and trial it. I can help with 'structures' not what is going to be solution. Every solution needs some sort of measurement. I can't walk up to my boss in IT and say buy all this technology, he will ask to justify it, business case, etc. Where-as Somalis seem to lack this type of culture, I call it the culture of excellence, not because the people are good, all australians are not good, some are rotten as fuck like Somalis, but the system and culture they promote 'weeds' the gashin out and 'rehabilitates' them to fall back into structure of excellence. We don't have that in Somalia, we love our warriors, look at our gabays, arabs are similar, south sudanese are similar. Their desert cultures and their objective was never state but land resources.

We inherited a culture of 'wars' and 'conquest' as this was what the people at that time lived by, I don't blame them, If I lived in the same climate, I would fall under that 'system'. But the world has changed there is no more 'geesinimo and expansion of lands' their is fixed borders so that culture won't work anymore for us, it will just mean we practise that stuff inside our borders on each other like u see happening nowadays. It's time we Somalis also change and forget that old culture for the old world and enter the new world and adopt the new culture your fixed now into borders u need to update or die. I am not saying to abadon your tribe, u can be tribalist as hell, I love my family and clan, but you need to work within some sort of system that ensures everyone is inspected for 'excellence' and noone can escape it on any ground. Even PM here can't escape the system, look at Trump being impeached. These billionaires sxb are in the system. Why do we Somalis make excuses for our bad people. Like Farmajo u will see all Sade boast about him their following the old culture not the culture of excellence, bcause if we measure farmaajo, sxb ppl are not better off under his leadership at all. So if we keep that sort of culture, we cant join the nations of the world and compete, we have to accept we will produce no result and rely on aid or charity.
I was fully agreeing with your last post until this.

Why should we still be tribalist in 2019? How will it help us develop our country?
Lukaku I am studying Mao bro, chinese never left their traditions and values, they had a cultural revolution. I don't want to leave my history and ancestors behind, I refuse that completely. It's who I am, sxb your a fkn dog c*nt if you leave behind those who paved the way for you and if your prepared to do that to them I do not trust you and would never trust you with anything.

Besides that sxb becareful what u hear and believe in the Media or even History books if it's not backed up by local sources and elders, a-lot of western history is u could say bended towards their agenda. Always give everyone a fair chance to explain themselves and balance out the liklihood. I realized the colonial text is full of shit when I source local knowledge from my father, this could be applied to all cultures also who are not really being represented by those 19-20th century colonials.

For example do u really think all the spew from trump and the west on the media about China is 100% factual, it may have some truth but it's always 'bended' slightly. People dont lie they 'bend it or twist an event and make themselves appear like a saviour'. I see it in Somalis also, their very selective about their clan material while ignoring the rest. The world is similar, even China will do the same.

How people see history or even their positions or politics I am skeptical of even my 'father' where I know he skips over 'losses' and I don't he tries to paint an image of 'hero majerten' standing up to hawiye barbarian and darawish invaders kkkk and twists it and says 'if it wasnt for us' they would be animals, some of it has merit though. Look at GM/HS animals still, no mamul. But some of it doesn't. Yes they were not expansionist and keenadiid only came to mudug after losing in Bari. But their were FUCKIN LOSSES, nugaal was wiped out, there is still a damn legacy left by sayid there his castle. Who u think goes into 'castles' WINNERS. Plus look at Africans blaming colonials see how they twist their shortcomings in front of their ppl so blacks dont look like the bad ones and victims of white ppl. Nigga the problem is they hate each other and it's tribal as hell and they're all distrustful of one and another, their lower cultures is the problem as the values their taught at home is to see another tribe as a potential enemy
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I would love the use of the 'victim' card if it brought results, trust me I am not against the actual idea people use, it's just when it has failed to result in anything. For example u think I am against centralism because I am tribalist? nope, I saw it failed 15 times before and see Federalism is working and there is slight movements towards green pastures. One step towards heaven is better then sitting there and going to hell with CENTRALISM.

I wud support africans if the victim card scored them all the nuclear technology and tools and money and shit the world has, but it hasn't, they just intervene when it's humanitarian disaster and say FIX YA PROBLEM and then recycle after a few decades and intervene FIX YA PROBLEM. It's true there is nothing he can say to me to accept a solution nor can he say anything to u to accept a solution, i will end up saying his choosing sides and it all breaks down kkkkk again. He can't intervene the foreigner, yet somalis seem all hell bent for intervention but know what they will be told kkkkk like other african nations FIX YA SHIT we are not coming to tell u how to run yourselves