Is it worth it?

So I currently have an open bite in my teeth (google open-bite). I want to get braces but there so clunky and I don’t want to be noticed. Should I get Invisalign? There invisible and will fix my teeth. But you need to constantly visit your orthopedist.


I had no idea what open bite was Until I googled it
I mean I had grills on my teeth and thought I was wax waalaan ,
use the traditional cadey soomaali iyo dhuxul, use spearmint toothpaste , mix lemon with charcoal and your teeth are white then hit the dentist for some braces and probably it best to remove wisdom tooth before it becomes painful or hinder tooth growth , your dermatologist will determine wether to remove your front teeth and replace it with silver teeth, you are a young man you just need to take good care of it kkkk


Beati Pacifici.
No get the metal braces they are the best solution in the long run you will have them on for about 1-1.5 years max it’s not that bad