Irir Government Doesn't Work

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Look at these baboons in Djibouti, they been a self government since 1977 and look at they're GDP capita, military strength, political astuteness(one party dictatorship), they don't even understand the concept of democracy and didn't even reach that realization when Somalis did in the 1960. They're politically BACKWARDS, keeping power to 'ISSA' and alienating 'Anfar'. This reminds me of Rwandan Failed Colonial Model, by empowering TUTSI into government positions and setting them up as the ruling elite over the large peasantry HOTU. This backfired and caused the collapse of Rwanda.

At least they got they're Messiah Paul Kagame who has resurrected them thru 'reconciliation' a genuine one, not some 'fake' one like Somalis having been holding, because if they were reconciled, they wouldn't compete against each other politically on centralism(hawiye and marehan), islamism(foreigners), federalism(old darod generation), confederation(the darod who gave up on federalism), Seccession(isaaq).

How can you build a country with such polar opposite views on the nation status? There has been no reconciliation that's why. Reconcilation must happen between civilians, Isimo, academic elites, and finally politicians. You need to spend at least 10 years dedicated to this phase like Rwanda did before even talking about setting up a government that is not representative of the reality on the ground.

For example Rwanda accepted the colonialist enpowered Tutsi to be ruling class and played preferences within Rwanda and neglected the H@tu. They actually came to an agreement both sides this was true and apologized to each other for the past wrong doings that caused the civil war in Rwanda in 96. Somalis haven't even reached the stage of discussing any of it's history, colonial preferences, tribalism, corruption, or civil war crimes. There is no way we can even begin discussing a government, I am so angry the world is sending this people money to support fake government that are not built on truth and reconciliation like Rwanda had to do.

Anyways the Tutsi and H2tu came to a comprise since they are far more civilized then us Somalis, if we were civilized or smarter then them, they wouldn't have Car factories and IT sector developing and heading towards Singapore status in Africa. We Somalis sell ourselves bullshit and mythologies, we live on MYTHs not SCIENCE. Go look at our nations rankings when measured against other nations, this is SCIENCE, it hurts you to see the DATA because the reality hurts the one who lives on MYTHOLOGY, it destroys they're myth that's why.

The tutsi and h2tu agreed to share power but they also realized the elite and investment into TUTSI far outweighed that of H2TU, they allowed Tutsi to regain control but on the premise they do not 'funnel' investment into TUTSI and keeping the status quo alive but to enpower H2TU to create a political class and elites. They hand-shaked seeing this is in both they're interests. The h2tu said whatever paul kagame does the one who will benefit the most is h2tu since they are the majority in the land and he BUILDS up they're side of Rwanda MORE then his own Side of Rwanda. He promised to enpower RWANDA indiscriminately and not just give preferences to 'TUTSI' as was the rule of the colonialists. This shows me how they are more civilized these nations then us, they come to a comprise on HISTORICAL FACT while ensuring they're deals are mutually beneficial to all sides at the same time.

In Somalia all you have is 'tit for tat' nonsense. I kill you, u kill me, I become president, then I become protestor and seek foreign help. If I am in villa Somalia I will go to qatar begging for money. If I am in the regions I will go to Kenya-Ethiopia-UAE-SAUDI for help who hate Qatar. How long can we exist playing this 'tit for tat' which results in wasted 4 years for everyone involved, no-one gets to leave anything behind for the nation as they fear the other clan will just play opposition.

Once we remove nabad iyo nolal, they return back to opposition and play the role of HSM/SHEIKH SHARIF/JL/PL. This is a never-ending cycle that has led to a wasted 10 years from 2009 when Sharif was elected to now with Farmajo in power in 2019. The govt hasn't left beyond Makka Al Mukaramah due to this political instability, lack of real reconciliation.

I can't believe how LOW IQ our people are, I want to move to Rwanda but I can't, I have no 'awoowe' there to 'link' inside them, How do I abadon Somali project is what I am planning for. I want to send Bah Dubays to migrate and create links overseas, this is a failing project, sooner or later this land will be empty and new settlers will move in like oromo who are penetrating heavily as we speak.

@PuntiteQueen If PIM don't succeed in convincing our Puntland people of Independence and total separation, I need to forge new plans to save my clan, I won't stick around and die with the land, I will accept I lost the land of my awoowe and begin migration carrying his name and restarting new in another society and eventually try to develop from there. I want to ensure our first plan is 'land' you need land to be stakeholder in any nation dee or u become landless like jews and persecution can BEGIN.

Can we hold a Majerten Diaspora Conference for those who are of similar background and generation, we don't want the OLDIES sitting with us, we need to forge a new path that is different if the oldies have failed us not repeat they're mistakes. Please do this for us @PuntiteQueen bring together young and diaspora Puntites. Forget other Somalis, it's like inviting a trojan horse, it's SHIR BEELEED, it's got nothing to do with them since they're not apart of our family. We will only sit with other Somalis on SOMALIAN matters not Majerten matters.
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Just for the Darods who don't know IRIR. It's a pact between Djibouti/Isaaq/Hawiye to control Somalia and subjectate Darod. They work cooperatively inside parliament voting, military activities(snm n usc alliance), it is 'political' alliance. It's not 'tribal' alliance watsoever, it's not rooted in blood, the reason being, you will never see the ISIMO of those clans acknowledge they're tribal links, they don't share any tribal xeer, u will see constantly HG killing Suure Dir and so forth, Cayr killing bimaals.

Ma jiro 'dhiig' dhab ah, lakin wa 'political' alliance based on a common enemy 'DAROD'. They have used your clan family to unite themselves to conquer you. The reason being Darod border everyone, so these clans had a 'mutual enemy' to speak about and form unified policies against.

They united together under IRIR due to perceived threat they have from Darod. The idealogy is known as IRIRISM, the enpowerment of Hawiye-Isaaq-Djibouti and the disempowering of Darod so the nation begins to SHIFT in 'elites' and 'wealth' and they are willing to use the government to achieve this and hence why they are so active about gaining power, it's to 'skew' power towards themselves. It's very much unlike Darod who prefer to build up other clans when they are in power hoping they REPAY the favor one day and realize they're investor. That's why Siyad built up the South, only for Siyad to be chased out of the south. Farmajo now wants to do the same, but he will face the same outcome, cuz he ain't greater then siyad barre, wuxu siyad barre ku jabay, farmajo ma keeni karo.

Forget Majerten we overly invested into Hawiye since the 1870s of Keenadiid Sultanates, we spent 150 years lifting those clans up thru building up they're ISIMO, building up the elites under SYL, forming maternal ties with Abgaal, that's why every Abgaal has a MJ mother. We use our girls to form alliances, while our boys carry the name of awoowasheenu. Because when someone asks you what is your name, your name is always AHMED ALI HUSSEIN CAWIL CIGALE, It's always MALE names. It's not Ahmed Ruqiyah ADEN. This isn't unique just to Somali culture, this is adamic convenant, every culture name is inherited from they're father not they're mothers. Even western culture, the wife has to give up her maiden name and adopt her husband name, the kids then abtirsi to the father, it's all mankind sheekadani. Ma aha wax anaga noogu cusub.

It's old MJ culture, it was always like this. It was one of the reasons we became successful, we kept inheriting other clans wealth thru our females, while our males kept they're shit for themselves lol, they would then COMBINE all this and invest it into Majerten. It's quite brilliant culture our old culture, ask a bah dubays, we are still very loyal to this thinking style, we were not heavily infected by the southern migration like other MJ who have carried back home the failed southern culture.

The DR is ANTI IRIR, As MJS when we hold our conference, let's ensure we sit down on what we DO agree on, I think we will agree IRIRISM is not in anyone interest, so check 1, we got UNITY on something woohooooooooooooo
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Anyways my point of pointing out IRIR government in practise is Djibouti. Since 1977 they had they're own IRIR SAY and look at the nation, it's barely doing better then a failed nation like Somalia in all metrics without a government. It doesn't matter if they become independent or not these IRIRS, they are lower in IQ and lower in history and culture, it's like expecting wonders to come out from HOTO nation led by HOTO, wallahi it will be under-performing state no matter what. So if you have hopes IRIRISM is actually a good thing, well just know, your standard of living won't be any better then DJIBOUTI which is an IRIR govt, that is in GOOD TIMES.

Ka waran this is they're GOOD TIMES Djibouti and they are still a backward nation ka waran. Is this what you envision for Somalia? that our good times to be similar to Djibouti? well if that is the case, then support IRIR to run Somalia thru hawiye/isaaq and u will inherit a DJIBOUTI level country. When our most backward Darod clan ran the nation Siyad, he at least achieved us as the strongest military on the continent, we became no 1 in something measurable. If you let Majerten rule you, we will not only be strongest militarily but economically and politically and have plans not only for Somalia but geopolitical land purchases for all Somali clans, like new Islands and stuff.

If that is the goal you seek for Somalia in the future, then we do not share the same vision for Somalia, we shouldn't even be in the same nation, aan kala tagno ceeb ma aha, isku qorsho maba nihine, Your satisfied being in caloosha gaalada like djibouti, I am not since it comes against my GOBANIMO waryaa which is what my awooweyaal strived and died for.
You are part of irir and always have been, ogadeen joined irir in 1991.
Go away B22N YAHOW B22NTU DHASHAY, we are not talking about Somalia, your voice and opinion holds weight then since we are apart of the same border. This is about Majerten, iskaga bax, noone going to listen to you since your not connected blood wise, your wasting your time, when u should be in GEDO where your voice will be listened to. The fact you are marehan will automatically get @PuntiteQueen to expel you from the Majerten conference, since meel aad ka gashid majerten maba jirto, you have no stake adeer blood wise, so your opinion is persona non grata at all times.

Arinta Somalia hadi laga hadlayo waa arin kale, and we are prepared to speak to you on that, since it's shared matter, wax aan aniga lee yahay ma aha, waa wax naga dhaxayo. Wa wax aanu ka hadli karno weeye. Unless it's Darod shir and I never seen a Darod shir in my life, I am not going to buck trends of history and begin one now. U r not invited SADE boy. The furthest Majerten have held clan conferences is to the KAB IYO LAX level, they have never held a conference for all Darod and I am not going to NUDGE TRADITION adeer, I am not seeing Darod unity, since it hasn't ever happened in history. I just want to ensure ABSAME AND HARTI who are the bulk of DAROD are on the SAME page at all time.
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The constant calaacal's and defecation's are vomit inducing.

If there was any weight to these constant stream of nauseating verbal diarrhoea's, Puntand would have been the modern incarnation of Atlantis on earth.

Unfortunately if wishes were horses then beggars would ride, even those fat useless Arab's who are a few centuries ahead of you don't boast the way you guys boast, ileen xishood wa lo dasha.

You have the nerve to even bring up Djibouti as an example, if you were even 1/10 of what Djibouti is today, I would have personally campaigned for the presidency to be given to you guys permanently but alas your in that same gutter as the rest of us.
The constant calaacal's and defecation's are vomit inducing.

If there was any weight to these constant stream of nauseating verbal diarrhoea's, Puntand would have been the modern incarnation of Atlantis on earth.

Unfortunately if wishes were horses then beggars would ride, even those fat useless Arab's who are a few centuries ahead of you don't boast the way you guys boast, ileen xishood wa lo dasha.

You have the nerve to even bring up Djibouti as an example, if you were even 1/10 of what Djibouti is today, I would have personally campaigned for the presidency to be given to you guys permanently but alas your in that same gutter as the rest of us.
I don't envision myself to be DJIBOUTI when in peace-time and having strong nation state anything less then b22nta sade is a shame for HARTI, and b22nta sade achieved the strongest military ranking in Africa.

PL is located in in a failed nation with the capital occupied by YOU waryaa who is a FAILED CLAN look at GM and u will see how failed you when KEENADIID isn't there, of course my region has no access to the world community like Djibouti.

But Djibouti relatively speaking in comparison to Nations like Oman who received independence at the same time are polar opposite and apart. The only difference is history and culture in Oman in governance is far longer then Djibouti becuz Oman had a sultanate and then colonies in East Africa which included your AWOOWE as subject in the SOUTH because it was considered possession of Sultan BARQASH, this is way before the Italians came, Oman ran the show down SOUTH adeer. You were in another 'gumaysi' constantly switching GUMAYSI adigu. Now it's AMISOM, a leopard doesn't change overnight adeer, waxad dhaxasheen weeye, you can't succeed to the moon like u wish when your people are disempowered from inheritances from they're awooeyaal, your awooweyaal left u nothing to build on. Look at you 91-2019, your still passing nothing to your descendants either. Your not only a failed nation but a failed clan. I might be apart of a failed nation, but I am not a failed clan and u know this WARYAA, maxaa iska yeelyeelaysa.

Not in the EAST, we had our own Kingdom and u bloody well know this. To deny this will require you deny there is government street dedicated to Majertenia as apart of the nations of the world in Italy Rome, we are comparable to other nations in Italian eyes.
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@Inquisitive_ I am not trying to change you, I am holding a SHIR BEELEED with Majerten. Please go to GM and hold your own sxb. Meeshani lagama hadlayo arimo somaliyeed, waa arimo beel uu dhaxaysa, maxaba ku so geliye, reer aad ku lee dahay maba jiree. Indho-adaga somalidu, meel aysan stake ku halayn bay ku mashqulan, no wonder some clans never end up leaving anything for they're descendants, who just basically have to start from scratch each generation, being hostage to someone in the world or hostage to the PITY of the world thru refugees. But pity doesn't last forever, they can quickly take away pity and humanitarian aduunka, I wish they do, this will get Somalians to get they're act together. Show no PITY for these z22malis, iyaga doran doono markasi LIFE OR DEATH.

Inquisitive my ancestors left me land so I am not 'marti' for anyone waryaa. I need to not only protect that but 'increase' it waryaa either thru 'force' which is what some darod prefer like ogaden ancestors who actually have the land to PROVE IT unlike SADE who doesn't have the land holdings to prove his bravery, so it's just 'sheeko carureed' to us, since we are generation of PROOF anagu not SHEEKO.

PL prefers utilizing females to penetrate wealthy and strong clans. Females are still apart of our clan, cause 'abtirsi' way lee yihin, when they count they're name in our culture, awoowe iyo reer bay galayan, they are not 'homeless' to us anagu. They just don't carry the name 'further' in the generations, but they must be loyal to beesha or else they are mocking they're own ancestors ay ku abtirsadan @PuntiteQueen

Puntland women have a special role in our clan development, we will send them to HANDLE you waryaa, naagaheena ayaa idin ku filan you fkn lowlife cunt, raggu waqti kuma siinayan, we prefer competing with empires of the world like jews, arabs, etc while sending our women to handle the SAVAGE B22N LIKE U. They mental gumaysi your ass to worship majerten our women.