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IRAN announces 210 dead frm Chinaman disease, Afghanistan,Turkey & others close their borders

Grigori Rasputin

For 3 weeks I thought I was another nationality
Patient Zero
Iran keeps receiving Ls in this 2020 year. They just keep on blundering. They nervously shutdown an airliner and now they allowed a diseased person to walk right into their country that has now infected a whole city.

Iran is a great example of a 3rd nation’s lack of preparedness and lack of resources, accountability to control such a disease.

Imagine once the Chinaman disease arrives in Somalia :bell::bell::bell:
I think it would great if it does. I reason that it would wipe out the whole nation. This saving it from qarxis and a prolonged misery.
From the ashes we shall see the birth of a new vibrant nation. Let’s all hope Chinaman virus enters Somalia :gucciwhat:


Lord Maximus
The fatality rate is 2% sxb, it’s only a threat to the weak and elderly.

Your immune system will fight it off, it isn’t that bad.

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