Iphone eXtortionate

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31/12/16 - 04/04/20
Iphone X was just released and its going for £1000. Absolutely pathetic. IOS 11 was a shabby Android replica and now they've decided to use Samsung's OLED screen :bell:
1. Samsung got rid of the home button in march.
2. Most durable screen? Gorilla glass 5 wipes the floor with Apple's Saphire glass.
3. Wireless charging is soo 2011 (Samsung Galaxy Nexus).
4. A11 gpu is debatable, lets wait for it to go up against the Snapdragon 835 and exynos 8895.
5. Android introduced Face recognition in 2011.
6. Rest of the features are gimmicks.
Real innovation:
I've always been on Samsung and i am going to stick with it.
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