iPhone 12 is here


Apple are scammers. No 120Hz screen no USB c port.

they literally changed the design of the shit then called it a new phone, hyped the heck out of 5G despite it literally being an indust ru standard.

I’m definitely waiting until next year.
apple computers an laptops are worth the money not their phones imagine overpaying for a phone with similar specs to a budget or mid range android phone :mjlol::mjlol::mjlol:
I can afford a iphone 12 why waste money when my phone works well?

Smart guy. I never bought an iphone for myself. I like devices I have control over and can tinker with. Apple is a repugnant company so I am opposed to owning any of their product for moral reasons.. I buy windows based laptops and motorola phones.


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I left apple and got me a samsung because they started making their older phones run slower on purpose and coming out with a new phone every 2 days


You think they're going with the pop up selfie camera thing?

I'm probably going hold out for late 2021 or early 2022 I'a. I want to switch back to iPhone, but they need to give me an excuse to fork out all that cash up front and not feel like an consumerist drone. They need to give me a lil suttin' to work with

Nah, pop up selfie cameras are a bad solution to fix the hole punch problem. They are unstable and also make a phone no longer water resistant.

The real solution will be to place the camera under the screen. They are still working on that. That will be the next major smartphone design revolution for the next 3 years I think.


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This how I see each new iPhone