Interesting Documentary on Somaliland (German ARTE)

While I disagree with the anti-Islamic tone of these secular Europeans, the other aspects are good to see.

From issues of deforestation to support needed for IDPs, risks for critics, lack of domestic food/goods production, poor roads, lack of water for households, etc. The human rights activist shown, Guled Jama, is a fearless person for raising the point that the SL leaders use the lack of recognition as an excuse to cover up maltreatment, failures and corruption of the politicians. "Image" is held above all and used as a tool to clamp down. Thus we see the daily arrests, detentions, land-grabbing, etc. I hope Mr. Jama isn't arrested as a result of this interview.

On the bright side, SL is moving forward with large investment projects like the DP World Berbera port project, apparent new UAE naval base and possible new UAE air force base, the new highway and visible presence of foreign (UK, EU, Middle East, Asian) dignitarites are huge wins for them. I think PL can learn a lot from them in these areas.

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