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Injustices in somalia: unrecognised settlements

many of you wonder why somalia is in such a state as it is now. By now, im sure you have worked out that siad barres policies of naming degmos was heavily biased in favour of certain daarood sub clans. But in this thread i will be shedding light on some of his policies in areas such as the lower shabelle. As many of you know, the south is densely populated. But the region of lower shabelle is something else. Personally i believe there is well over 3 million who reside in this region alone.

This is a town called buulo mareer in the lower shabelle district which is not given degmo status. How can a town this large not be given degmo status?


This is another town called Janaale. All over this region there are numerous tuulos who are densely populated and exceedingly large yet no given degmo status.


and then here we have alula which is given degmo status. people then wonder why somalia is so fucked up when there is grave injustices that are in need of rectification.