Indian girl aged 12 gang-raped and beheaded by her 3 brothers and uncle


living off borrowed time
Hindus need to be eradicated from the gene pool. Everything about them repulses me, from their creepy fucking submissive attitude, their stupid accent, annoying head bobbing, and them smelling like shit.


LOVE is none smelly Dhuuso.
Let Them Eat Cake
We need like a brutal Khaliifa Umar ibn Khataab to invade the Hindhus and make them Muslims. Slaughter all their men if they have to. I usually dont condone violence, but these people are unspeakable in two counts: Abusing women and worshiping cow or statues


They the worst pungent people. They can’t keep their paganism to themselves always gotta pollute the air with the stink.

That’s how they smell when alive imagine a how they small after death


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