Incredible! Contrary 2 popular believe Somalis in Jo'burg r thriving, they even converted their ..

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I've had a discussion with a lot of folks that came to the U.S. from South Africa and they tell a tale of quick prosperity where some dudes make 200k a year from business activities.

They also speak of high rate of marrying the locals that they will say that whenever it is time to go back home ( to Somalia ) we will have a lot of Somalis who's their maternal lineage is Zulu, Xhosa, Malay and bushman. :jcoleno::kobeok::mindblown::snoop:

One group dominates the Somalis over there ...Ogadens


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Somali business skills are becoming known all over Africa. I read a story of a guy who came to South Africa opened a spaza the same day :ftw9nwa:
This nigga came in the morning and by late afternoon had a fully stocked small grocery. Our biggest advantage is loans with no interest (hagbad/ayuuto). Africans have never heard of no interest loans. Also if a Somali business partner steals from you, you can always go to his clan and demand payment.
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