Incels make uncomfortable points

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That are at their core patently true but since they go against every conventional notion of what truly attracts woman, namely personality and game , are rejected fortwright because they make the average guy feel bad and calls out woman for their shallowness

Height and facial structure ( smaller forehead , structured define jawline , well formed eye area, facial sysymetry , non recessed chin) are what truly attracts woman . Everything else including money is all just copes.

Those two are the baseline which propels success in the sexual market .

Every time you approach a girl and she invited you in and you gives you her contacts or you both hit it off just remember you passed those two above criteria. She will register it in mere seconds . Whatever you said or did to approach her is absolutely meaningless game is a delusion To some degree . Go a

As woman continue to fill up the office cubicles generating their own wealth ...their hypergamous nature will continue to zero in on those two above factors . The problem is the average basic woman does not want to a basic looking guy at her level . She feels validated to talk to guys way above her league and because male thirst is at an all time high she will actually get it which in turn creates a bottleneck at the top it’s more more easy to see very good looking men with very basic woman.

Social media is changing the sexual market and flipping all natural order on its head . I’ll be watching what’s in store in 2019 .
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