Inaa Lillahi wa inaa ilayhi raaji'uun

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31/12/16 - 04/04/20
Lmao a Somali male have broken their hearts.

That's the only explanation.
saqajaan waaxid :susp:
To be fair a lot of our people sleep without sheets in houses made of sticks and plastic bags. Not everyone lives in Xamar or Hargeisa.
you being serious? :birdman:
That feeling when you discover you've been cockslapped by teen girls. Worse thing is that I wished it was longer. They make ****** baiting look so cute. This is the next generation of Europeans folks. Mass deportation is coming, but alxamdulilah I will be dead soon.
so you've got Aids? well i am not surprised :manny:its prevalent in the gay community :chrisfreshhah:
Waryahe that's not a somali L, Reer Yurup L kan kala qaybsada :pachah1:
Yall niggas have a gaajo ass image:russ:
sxb waa reer koonfureedka :damn:theyre soo embarrassing:damn:


As i live and breathe
who said anything about beef?:gucciwhat: are you intoxicated? :comeon:i wouldn't be surprised :manny:

btw dont ever "sxb" me :nahgirl:
All your replies to me are about me being a gaal, clearly you have issues. Get it sorted out, sxb.
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