in this episode of 2020

I actually enjoy this since I haven’t had any human contact since March.

hopefully they’ll be another lockdown coming up and schools will be closed. Inshallah
am i the only one who isn't scared. this happens every century. but this time the gov is behind it
Yup. 1-Muslims should know that, they cannot avoid their Qadr, or what was written for them.
2-This is obviously their way of achieving some kind of agenda, by keeping us scared, because it's a lot easier to control scared people, people who are scared will do anything to feel ''secure,'' again- including giving up any of their rights, etc.


Like Donald Trump, I like to be Spanked.
Let Them Eat Cake
The only people who are screwed are those with compromised immune system, who have HIV.


I’m being serious. I’ve had it enough with humans. If I was allowed to go to mars I would have been there already,
so u want to move with less people in a dead planet with nothing to do anti social much
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