in the year 2050.....

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Free Wi-Fi > Free Palestine
Somali Bantus will make up 31% of the Somali population. One third of Somalis will be Bantus. Mogadishu will be 75% Bantu.

Somaliland and Puntland both grow tired of the mess down south and decided to merge and become a blossoming state with Hargeisa as the capital and Bossaso as the commercial hub.

Oromos in Ethiopia will cause an uprising and a civil war will break out. Once the dust has settled Ethiopia as a nation is annexed and Oromos and Ogadens will form their own states but will argue and fight over border lines and towns.

Djibouti will still be Djibouti.

Bossaso will elect its first Atheist lesbian mayor.

Saudi Arabia still exporting terrorism and abusing foreign workers. Sean O'Hara (the first gay black US president) and his husband will French kiss while on a diplomatic visit to Saudi Arabia, thus creating a mass hysteria in KSA.
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