In an utter carelessness 4 shithole Somalia the US sends the most ugliest creature as ambassador


Like Donald Trump, I like to be Spanked.
Let Them Eat Cake

@R.Kelly posted a picture of his female cousin with facial hair just for laughs, ninku wuu isku buuqey.

Somalis make fun of people’s features and disabilities, we are still evolving as human beings, what is your naaneeys, for the Somalis, what did they call you? In Somalia, I heard someone call a lady lix farrood because she had six fingers on one hand.

my somalia naanesss was naaf yeer because i am petite and small framed.....
Walaaal dont trick me into saying my qabil. Ok every body knows my mom is habar yonis. my ayeeyo wabeneya mj, my grannys habar jecclo

i almost started doing my noble nasaab abtiiriss

I’ve only heard habar jeclo, who are the other two, did you just make up? Do you believe in matriarchy?


Who the fuck am I? ギくェズー
Time to make this midget our ***** and display dominance.


Midnimadeenu Waa Guusha Qaraanka
We actually got lucky with Mr. Yamamoto, he is a friend of Somalis and has deep knowledge of Africa and is well respected in Washington. He is also from South Seattle, which is home to the biggest Somali population outside of Minnesota. Please respect this man :)
Time to make this midget our ***** and display dominance.

We were *****es of Jendenai Fraser (hope I spelt her first name correct) and now mr Yamamoto, why? Since dead white Americans who came to help us and fight despicable warlords were dragged on the streets of Mogadishu, the American establishment thought only ethnic Americans might understand our madness. But to no avail. Only drones can understand us.

I’m reading a Book called Inside Alshabaab and the only juicy parts is how these drones killed Ayrow, Godane, Al Nabhan and others. We need more drones to target all clan enclave leaders, they are against Somali peace.