Improving your finances

The art of making money is like the art of shukansi(courtship). It is based on personality. Those who confer on you the opportunity to
make money or improve your finances do it on the basis of who you are and not mainly what you know. It is usually what they feel about you
how comfortable you make them feel in their dealings or interactions with you. It is more about vibes. Remember like when courting a lady
they usually respond to your charms more than your knowledge. Money dears has a personality it is not an abstract object. It just happens to dwell
in different people waiting for the next charmer to woo them from their hosts..Money actually feels, discusses, talks interacts and screws
just like the rest of please when approaching money in whatever form it may be assuming court it throw your charms at it, reapect it,
caress it and then give your bed and it shall come to lay with you. So all of you take a look at yourselves and if you dont like your current financial
status change your personalities therin lies the key


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