Impatient drivers

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So I went to drop my youngins bros/sis to school right. I drop them of and I'm leaving school. I'm on the left lane and theirs a fuking indhayar behind me. I'm jamming to my music waiting for the light to turn green. :banderas:They're like 3 kids that have the right of way who are waking into school and I have to be careful of the cars going straight into the school and the niggaz turning right that also has the right of way.

I'm cooling waiting for the kids and cars to empty out to so I can turn left but as I was about about to do that, the fuking indhayar honks at me:wtf: I'm like :umwhat:Fuk is this indhayar out of all people doing honking at me. So I turn and I flip him off and he does the same. I Kept driving and again I flip him off. We went separate ways.

Walahi waxa i qabatay ina daba socda oo aan garaaco garaca indhaha waxba aan ka arkin. If I had a gat I would've followed him and pistol whooped that mf.:damedamn:

This never happens to me and it had to start with a fuking indhayar lmao they're nothing but fulay es in my area. I hope I run into him again. I know he's finna drop or pick the person sometime soon. :drakelaugh::westbrookswag:

Queen Carawelo

Xalimos and faraaxs are worse than Indhoyar drivers. They turn aggressively without putting the signal on. They randomly stop in the middle of traffic. They will randomly honk at you when at the red light. Who honks at a person on a red light? I sometimes want to say honk deeeez nuts. eeeees. Arghhhh
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