I'm tired of the Fascist alt left

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According to her it represents Genocide.
I do admire her passion & agree with her on the idea that Trump represents hate and division. However, she just ruined any chance of others standing up for her when she shitted on the 1st amendment. Americans take that stuff super seriously.


Naya it his property
And? I'll smack that hat off his ugly ass, matter of fact spit and stomp on his dumb polyester flag too
typical white trash
"It's muh property, muh freedom of speech" :russ:
Why are you making it sound as though what he said was completely illogical? It's his property, he bought the hat with his own money and has every right to wear it. And has the freedom to say what he wishes to say. Just because his political views differ from your doesn't mean he's the villain.
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