im not a psychologist but from observing the madness happening on fb I've concluded that non-western

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Somali females have been rendered completely irresponsible childish drama filled retards by the treatment they've gotten that says to them " Wuxi wa naag" or " naago nin ba ka masuula" that they've been devaluated that they now have no accountability to their behavior ( ileen in the Somali society " wa caruur") that they literally behave like vicious xoolo.

It's just unfucking believable the amount of complete dumbtard Somali females out there.

It is just me or these females' voice and logic sounds so annoying and so pathetic.

I'm now convinced that we have ingrained in our somali female's mind, specially ones back home, that they are less than adults and that they are just a product that a man owns and they think of themselves as children

Case in point..just pay attention to this female ..the amount of ignorance ...duleynimo

And then this kale lagu qasaarey

Another epic retard..

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Nin ama naag, hawiye or isaaq, somali people are over emotional and quick to anger and violence.
We need to calm the hell down.
This is completely insane, all this because of couple artist have been arrested:eminemdamn::jcoleno:

Reer Mogadishu have misplaced priorities, children in Mogadishu are shot dead playing football, women are raped by mercenary bantus soldiers, rampant corruption and insecurity, security forces haven't been paid for months, while the paper government is busy stealing all aid money so they can extend their term.
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