I'm in Love

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My heart is fluttering and all I think of is him <3.

I'm not sure how long it will last but what I do know is my heart is happy and I am content and I enjoy this moment.

I've been madly in love before, I've fallen hard for love previously, had he been my first love there's no doubt I'd want every part of him for every moment of the day,

Broken hearts are blessings in disguise,
Had he been my first he would have blown my heart to shards for every moment I was without him.
Instead, I've found a happy medium in giving him his own time and enjoying my time.
Jealousy is inevitable but we're not always at each other's throats if we're with the other sex.

I trust him and although he doesn't have all of it yet he certainly has earned most of it.

I blush at the site of him,
I grin at the presence of him,
and I cherish my moments with him.

Before you say "goals" I want you to know that even our love has its problems. But I'm so overwhelmed with happiness that I can't be bothered to think of them.

He is my dreamer,
My lover,
My hummer,
My Quran reciter,
and my macaaney :it0tdo8:

I love you babe.


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Everything us humans do is in support of our three primary functions: finding food, fucking and surviving (FFS). So literally everything is for fucks sake.
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