Ilhan Omar is added to the list of 500 most influential Muslims ever lived on earth


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Along with Erdogon,MSB,Ayatulahi Khomeini and the Pakistani PM,while these powerful leaders use ballastic missiles to subdue their opponents and basicly reached there through force and causing mayhem.

Meanwhile a 5'5 tall Halimo is using only Twitter influence and lands on the list as well, everyone should know you can gain power and influence without hurting a fly.

This is a classic example of the power of speaking out of your thougts and the influence of social media.

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How strange that they had space in the list for this woman, but not her employer who is arguably one of the most influential people in the world.


Here he is helping the Muslims being genocided by the pagans of Burma earlier this year.
somali woman excellence!

yall should rlly stop calling her an adulteress w/o proof. she married a white man and it got people’s knickers in a bunch even tho the man is a muslim.


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It is our duty as MJs to support Ilhan even if we disagree with her politics. She will have our support


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LOL, so if she promotes degeneracy, you are still going to vote/support her due to clan affiliation?
The only reason why she won is because of the power of MJs - opinions of other qabilis about her are null and void.

She was born into reer boqortoyada so she deserves to win - even if her views are shit


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The west and its hidden agendas.. people who are knee deep in corruption and others who support deviancy are influential??

None of these people rule by sharia first of all and reject the concept of it by following a watered down version which is created by liberal "think-tanks" who hate islam.

Poverty is still widespread in the muslim world.. Most muslims are poor and can barely survive.

Its laughable that somalis are even on this pathetic list literally one of the poorest countries in the world so many miskeen somalis suffering can barley eat, yet these fat dogs are smiling and grinning to cameras as if they established something functional.



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