Ilhan Omar accuses Vice President Pence of racism because of a disagreement

What irks me is that she goes out of her way to defend transgender athletes participating in women’s weightlifting competitions. As if there aren’t enough issues for you to worry about. And all of her positions are predicated on her being “more moral” than her opponent. So if someone disagrees with her, it must be because this person is immoral. Tax the rich at 90%? Destroy oil production overnight? Tear down the existing portions of the Southern Wall? Cut military spending in half even though Russia and China are gaining in strength? If you disagree with her on that, it must be because you’re evil or immoral. I do not like it whatsoever. Be an American, focus on the interests of your country and stand up against human rights abuses. But it seems as if every position she takes she’s against the USA. I’ve never seen any US politician so callous towards their country, and always hurling blame at the US whenever something goes wrong in some random country. As if the Americans are some all-powerful entity that can control events everywhere. If she’s so against America, then why the f*ck is she in Congress?
I don't think that girl is aware of how U.S politics works and how complicated it can be. Especially the political correctness culture and watching your breath tone and pronouns. Everyone is aware of the problems all these politicians choose to ignore. they ignore real issue because they don't want issue themselves, these problems exists because it was made that way, the devil never sleeps just like Allah always looking for his next victim and opportunity politicians are to sale to the people the order they are given. I personally believe she was supported by the Somali community because it felt right and good not because she had lots depth knowledge and experience she doesn't seem fit for office because she is not playing safe she is not playing politics i watched her interview she sounds basic and not complicated in terms of politics i like her first but she very clumsy she is determined but not focused like i would her all her interviews and speech to say Somali this Somali that just repetition every other word to be Somali then she would've earned my respect