If time machines were invented,which year of the 90s would you go to and why ?

1995 to see myself being born and cause one of those whatchyamacallems... a cataclysm? Wanna see what that'd be like and I'm sorry if I get the rest of you killed in the process.
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The comment above got me rolling in stitches, wether OP is halfway serious or not , so you would risk your life and other's to extinction , out of sheer curiosity , then my friend you are unaware about the chain reactions of Paradoxical effects.
That this all coincides with the 'rise' of modern humans and our measurable impact on the planet - from to our severe re-sculpting of the physical, chemical, and biological structure of the planetary surface - strongly suggests that this extinction event is causally related to our activities.
And that's the curious thing about life, and the evolutionary process, it can never be static. Certainly, some species change are more slowly than others, or the changes are more subtle, hidden in the details of nucleic acid sequences and biochemical function. But then again It's sobering, guilt inducing, and rather depressing for the species to regress back into their or spectate extinction.
At the end of the day , we are glad the concept of time machine is hypothetical, fictionised in western movie theatres , thus this would be illogical, even if we delve into the subjects of relativity and space. Which I rather not get into it. if time machine was real , you could imagine it's value skyrocketing like blood diamonds since these devices could get into the hands of
disingenuous people to sought their own interests further
endangering themselves and humanoids they'd encounter in each preferred timeline destinations, driving themselves to oblivion in the process, the consequences of changing history hahahaha
Of course, this warping pathway could go wrong.
Implausible but let's say it's feasible in alternate multiverse where technology exist.
Would I use this technology , the answer is substantiated ,
I don't need to rewind back in time.
I like the world as it is today , I am happy where I am , I definitely forget about the 90's of Somalia, my life is good , I have the opportunities , I never had in those dark days , thus looking back in the past is insignificant. I look forward towards the present and the foreseeable future.


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1990. No particular reason really just want to see what life was like then.

*Oh actually I would really love to have seen my grandparents and family members I didnt get to meet.*

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