Idris Elba seen with a mysterious Somali female In Manchester

Am i the only one who never saw anything special in Idris. i really dont see the hype and this is coming for a madow lover.

Denzel in his prime or even will smith look so much better:kanyehmm:

You deleted my messages when I didn't even mention qabiil and left others :cosbyhmm:

What's that about and 'repeat offenders' :draketf:

Its not even that serious but either clamp down on all or don't bloody mention me as a repeat offender when I don't give a shit about qabiil like that.


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You know what, I'm fasting, so I won't say anything.

But after Eid, it's on like donkey kong.

All of you that have anything to say about this beautiful Puntite Queen who's dating the hottest actor in Hollywood.