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Ideas for Youth and Development (Diaspora & Home)


Ja Vi Elsker Dette Landet
On Friday, I have met Minister Sadik Warfa, Minister of Labour and Social Affairs who was a former resident of Minnesota and who ran for Minnesota District 61 and he became second in the Primary's (As I was told). He had the ideas with both labour supports and how to develop certain aspects, for both employment and empowerment of youths in diaspora and also those back home, by using their manpower and also of their intellects.

During the fruitful meeting with the minister, I was told of several business ideas and success and how to implement it to have Somali Youths working both in diaspora & at home. Now, I would like to some suggestions with those residing in the diaspora, wither being in the UK or USA, on good ways to support ourselves whilst helping those back home. More or less a business idea that pleases all. I was told of the new (current) Labour laws of Somalia, and how to support the current rehabilitation works in Somalia, such as the theater and new green spaces, with the current human resources, and how to further that more.

I shall also be meeting Congresswoman Ilhan Omar in Minneapolis soon inshallah (For other reasons)

I am not a US resident, so let me indeed say, it was not easy!

Any Suggestions?