ICAO rejects attempts by Farmajo to take over airspace!

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Your superior
Anyone but other Somalis, interesting.

Just remember what I said lol.
That is the motto of maamulka muqdisho who agreed to share airspace control with Somaliland from an office in hargeisa as per the agreements of the Turkish talks. This is a sign from Allah swc that munaafiqnimo will always come back to bite you in the ass
This pisses me off beyond all measures. They laugh at us while we're all arguing and divided, and they jump at the chance to rob us of $600 million a year from our national airspace.

This is the very reason why we should never be divided, because there's always other countries ready to take advantage of us when we look divided and conquered. While every person from every region thinks that their regional president is in charge, it looks like we ALL just lost our sovereign airspace.

Airspace = Appears to be lost. Unofficial trusteeship. To India no less, which is very strategic in order to use it against China (trust me, we don't want to be caught between those to like US/Soviet in the cold war, let's learn from the past.)

Land Mass = Already occupied by the habashi and Bantustani federation of f*ckville sub-saharan africa. The Ogaden-Somalia border is at the moment null and void. Both to allow the habashi invasion in 2006, but also as a precursor to a North Somalia/South Somalia trusteeship by habashi and kenya.
According to Google Maps, the boundary between Ethiopia and Somalia is not a done-deal and is shown as a disputed border.

Somali Seas = Currently awaiting a full trial. Make no mistake ladies and gentleman, we've been set up to lose.
It's been in the works since even before the maritime dispute occurred. This was deliberately put through the courts in order to remove all moral Somali moral complaints once we lose the case, and we will. Half of those judges are from nations that made deals with Kenya to drill for oil and gas before the linda-Nichi operation by Kenya (Kenyan invasion of Jubbaland.)

Every region will lose TRILLIONS in natural resources off the coast, from Somaliland, Puntland, all the way down to Kismayo.

That's TRILLIONS, that rightfully belong to you, your children and your Beesha, and we ALL have more than enough of it in each and every region without needing to fight over scarcity.

It's time to cut the B.S ladies and gentleman. The energy that we use to attack each other, whether it's in Somalispot, Galkacyo, SSC, Xamar, Mandera, etc has to be focused to build and unify our regions. Let's use that energy to make money and build up our own regions. A healthy and (positive) competitive spirit between our regions and clans is what is needed, not lower primitive anger and violence.

* You think your region is better than everywhere else?

Prove it by making halal money, building your region and its infrastructure, and protecting your fellow Somalis and their rights.

Protecting the rights of another qabil, is protecting the rights of your own future children.

We have to do better for our loved ones people. Men protect their family, AND their nation, not just their tuulo.
Faarax macalim once said the same thing u said. He said everyone is asking themselves how mere 15 million people acquired such a massive land and see. Like you said we are set up to lose everything and we make it easy for them.

India and the Seychelles will instead manage it!



You disgust me @TSP @embarassing
This Thread has instantly turned to shit and proves Cadmuse's point, i'm convinced that Qabil is promoted by foreigners and their stooges. Think about it Somalia is one of the most homogeneous countries in Africa in terms of faith, culture and ethnicity and yet were always at each others throats. Countries with hundreds of ethnic groups and tribes get along fine think of Nigeria, India and South Africa.

Qabil this,Qabil that, all these foreigners see are Somalis and they despise you all equally.:farole:
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